International Horse Sports Confederation

Established in 2013 to bring together the world’s leading governing bodies for equine sport.

Creation of the IHSC

The Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), world governing body for horse sport, and the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA), joined forces in 2013 to create the International Horse Sports Confederation (IHSC), the first formal vehicle for co-operation between the world’s leading bodies for equestrian sport.

The key mission of the IHSC is to encourage cooperation and the exchange of information on all matters of mutual interest between the IFHA and the FEI, as well as representing the collective interests of the horse industry with the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and other international bodies.

The formation of the IHSC was approved by the FEI Bureau (now Board) on 4 November 2013 and was formally signed by then FEI President HRH Princess Haya and IFHA Chairman Louis Romanet, during the FEI General Assembly week in Montreux (SUI).

The IHSC is a not-for-profit and politically neutral association governed by FEI Statutes as well as the Swiss Civil Code. The IHSC Secretariat is based at the FEI Headquarters in Lausanne (SUI) at the HM King Hussein I Building under a rotational chairmanship.

At the IHSC General Assembly on 21 April 2022, Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges was elected as the President. As the third President of the IHSC, Engelbrecht-Bresges succeeds FEI President Ingmar De Vos who held the position from 2019 to 2022, and IFHA Chairman Emeritus Louis Romanet who led the IHSC from 2017 to 2019. Engelbrecht-Bresges, who previously served as IHSC Vice President, will hold the office of President for a two-year term. He will be supported by Ingmar De Vos, who takes over as IHSC Vice-President.

IHSC Taskforce for Brexit and EU Animal Health Law

The IHSC Task Force for Brexit and EU Animal Health Law which was created in March 2020, is the result of a unique collaboration bringing together the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), the European Equestrian Federation (EEF), the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA), the International Thoroughbred Breeders Federation (ITBF) and the European Federation of Thoroughbred Breeders Association (EFTBA).

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The IHSC believes that the protection of the welfare of the horse is the highest priority for all horse sport administrators and participants around the world. The IHSC strives to promote and drive the implementation of the highest standards of health, safety, welfare and quality of life of competition horses throughout their lives. Continuous review of those standards is essential to ensure highest standards are maintained.

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About the Founding Organisations

Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI)

The FEI is the world governing body for horse sport recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and was founded in 1921. Equestrian sport has been part of the Olympic movement since the 1912 Games in Stockholm.

  • The FEI is the sole controlling authority for all international events in the Olympic sports of Jumping, Dressage and Eventing, as well as Driving, Endurance, Vaulting and Reining.
  • The FEI became one of the first international sports governing bodies to govern and regulate global para sport alongside its seven able-bodied disciplines when Para Dressage joined its ranks in 2006. The FEI now governs all international competitions for Para Dressage and Para Driving.
  • The FEI promotes equestrianism in all its forms and encourages the development of the FEI equestrian disciplines throughout the world. The core values of the FEI are: Horse First; Perform as One; Fair and Equal; and For Today and Tomorrow.

International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA)

Founded in 1993, the IFHA aims to promote sound regulatory practices that preserve the integrity of the international horseracing industry.

The IFHA brings together 60 member organisations to:

  • coordinate and harmonise the rules on breeding, racing & wagering;
  • ensure the quality and fairness of racing for breeders and the general public;
  • protect the welfare of horses, jockeys and horseracing fans;
  • ensure the horseracing industry stays up-to-date on technical, social and economic matters.

Every year the Federation organises an international conference to review the International Agreement on Breeding, Racing and Wagering created in 1974. The IFHA is also responsible for publishing statistics of member countries on breeding, racing and betting.

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